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Look at Value Before You Take Action

You might be planning an exit from a partnership or dealing with agitated limited partners, developing an estate strategy for transferring assets, establishing value for the assets of a business, planning an acquisition, negotiating value between shareholders, planning litigation strategies, or in many other situations where values are at issue.

Understanding assets and business together is critical in many situations, but a clear picture can be hard to come by.  An integrated viewpoint can give you a big advantage when you need to sort out valuation issues. Consultation sets the stage. When you need a documented opinion of value, see a Valuation Specialist.

Consulting clients include business and property owners, lawyers and accountants, and other appraisers looking for support with specialized valuation expertise in arbitrations, mediations, eminent domain cases, estate and gift problems, and special-use property (enterprise value allocation).

Legal agreements sometimes include blind spots – that you can avoid; read Case 2 – Agreement Blind Spots Revealed. Effective agreements for holding and managing assets don’t have blind spots – or do they? Partnership agreements of one sort or another have legal objectives to be sure, but they often have valuation objectives as well. These valuation objectives can be extremely sensitive to facts & circumstances outside the agreement. This is not about missing legal matters, but about missing other facts that underlie valuation matters, and that have an effect on the overall goals of the lawyer’s engagement.

What do you do when multiple appraisers are needed? Read Reappraising the Appraisal Process: A Guide to Successful Results. This is an attorney’s guide to hiring appraisers, including qualifications, multiple appraisers working together, avoiding liability and limiting risk. This article takes advantage of common sense, and provides lots of very useful tips for solving annoying problems and creating successful results.

Dealing with real estate risk as an investor, property owner, or lender?  See What Do We Know About Lender Risk. Risk can be more readily managed if the idea of sustainable value is addressed in asset acquisition and management.  See also A Prophylactic Solution For Off-The-Chart Real Estate Risk, and Toward Sustainable Finance.

What happens when someone wants out?  Partner decisions are not always that straightforward, and valuation consulting is often the key first step to making a deal.  See The Price of an Exit.

It is often difficult to convince clients to take action – here the idea of value supporting wealth transfer is presented in a way that can help.  See The 2012 Goldmine.

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